How To Mail a Homemade Cake

Nothing says, "I love you," like a homemade cake.

You may not get home for Grandma's birthday celebration this year, but that doesn't mean you can't contribute to the party. Find a way to show you care by mailing a specialty baked good or family recipe that will surprise whoever receives it and leave a smile on their face. Whether shipping a few miles or across the ocean, these easy methods make sending a taste of home as easy as pie. Plus, your baked goods will arrive just like they left your kitchen– delicious! To ensure fresh-from-the-oven quality baked goods, prepare your package (and treats) by following these steps.

Mail a Cake
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How To Prepare a Cake for Mailing

Depending on the size and shape of your cake, you will take a different approach when preparing to ship. Here are some rules of thumb for the most popular types of cake.

Layer Cakes

Freeze your layer cake before shipping. Be careful shipping cakes with frosting—many soft frostings may not travel well, and you want to avoid the cake smushing in transit. Stiffer icing is preferable where possible. For best practices, wrap a protective cake collar around the baked good to protect the sides, then cover it carefully in plastic. Place small sticks (such as toothpicks) in several places on the top and sides of the cake, putting a little distance between the wrapping and icing.

Bundt and Pound Cakes

Freeze first, and carefully place the plastic wrap around the bundt and pound cakes before shipping. The sturdy shape and texture of bundt and pound cakes make them easier to wrap in plastic because the outer layer of the cake is less likely to peel when removing it. Securely wrapped in plastic wrap, then again in aluminum foil.


Follow the guidelines for layer, bundt, and pound cakes when mailing a cheesecake. Be careful to protect the sides of the cheesecake for shipping. You may also want to consider freezing individual slices and placing them in separate freezer bags for extra protection.


Place cupcakes inside a box specially designed for these treats. Space the cakes inside each of the inserts. Pro tip: consider applying a light dab of baking glue to the bottom of each cupcake to secure it within the container. Placing sticks through the middle of each cupcake also helps prevent them from smashing against the box's lid and sides when shipping. The stick should reach the box's top when closed to avoid damage.

How To Mail Your Cake

Gather the Right Supplies

Your local post office or delivery service location will have all the appropriate packaging supplies you need. After wrapping your cake, put it in a cake box and place it in an appropriately sized Styrofoam mailer or bubble-wrap lined mailing box.

Ensure It's Air-Tight

Fill up empty spaces inside the container with packing material, such as bubble wrap, newspaper, or kitchen towels. The cake needs to be secure, so it can't move around during transit. Consider purchasing insulated bags designed to help keep foods cold.

Seal Boxes Correctly

Seal the box with high-quality shipping tape. Tape the seams and smooth wrinkles during placement. The shipping box should be air-tight to help preserve the cake, keeping it fresh.

Label Shipment Correctly

To help delivery services, mark the outside of your parcel with the words "fragile" and "perishable." You should also add an arrow indicating which direction is upright or the top of the box. Usually, your courier will ask if your package contains perishable goods and place a sticker on it if it does.

If Possible, Ship Overnight

Ensure your shipping label is securely fastened to the outside box and arrange for shipment. Keep in mind what you are shipping and where it is going—items that should remain cold should probably be shipped overnight.

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