how to cut a cake
Credit: Hector Sanchez

Have you seen the cake cutting video that has taken the Internet by storm? You know the one—with only a cutting board and chef's knife, a slices a massive four-layer cake (by Sydney-based food blogger/baker Katherine Sabbath) into a single perfectly thin slab, then slices the slab into nine slender little wedges.

Captivating, right? So neat, so fast, so effortless. There isn't that dreaded moment of indecision where you find yourself standing before a pristine, untouched layer cake wondering where exactly to plunge in the knife while everyone watches, forks in hand. This is some gold-medal cake slicing.

And yet, we would do things a little differently.

Those are very dainty portions. Four bites at most. True, you could eat two, or three, (or let's be real: four) slices. But you could also up the size of each serving a little bit. We would cut each slab into about five pieces for a more generous serving. Or cut the slab about a half-inch thicker to make the skinny slices a bit taller. (And include more of that dreamy looking frosting!)

Watch: How to Slice a Layer Cake

We would also take an extra few seconds to make the slices a bit cleaner by dipping the knife into a tall glass of warm water, then wiping it off in between slices. This takes a little more time, but it's worth it when you think of how many hours went into baking this masterpiece.

We also wonder what happens to the end slices of this cake, which would be either mostly frosting and a thin slice of cake. (A five-year-old's dream!) We're not above eating cake scraps when no one's looking, but we wouldn't serve the uneven ends of a cake to guests.

Another way to cut a cake that will please everyone—five-year-olds included—is to cut the cake in half down the middle, then into quarters. From there, you can slice the quarters into slices as thick or thin as you please. That way, you can present the guest of honor with an extra-thick slab, and still give that "just a sliver, please!" guest a small taste. Everyone wins.