Our favorite beverage also happens to make a very delicious cake!
Sweet Tea Bundt Cake
Credit: Micah A. Leal

In the South, bakers put all sorts of unexpected ingredients in their cake recipes—mayonnaise, Coca-Cola, and bananas (an essential ingredient in Hummingbird Cake), to name a few. And now we can add sweet tea to the list. The go-to beverage of the South also makes a mighty fine cake.

The batter for our Sweet Tea-Lemonade Sheet Cake is made with three family-size black tea bags (we recommend Luzianne Iced Tea tea bags), which give the cake a bold, slightly toasty tea flavor. We like slathering this cake with a rich Lemonade Frosting for a fun twist on the Arnold Palmer, another classic summertime drink. You can even spike the frosting by substituting 2 tablespoons of vodka or bourbon for the lemon juice.

We love the flavor of sweet tea cake so much that we figured out how to use this recipe in a whole new way: the Sweet Tea Bundt. Also made with black tea, this cake is rich, buttery, and even easier to make because you don't even have to frost it. Not that we recommend skipping the frosting, spiked or not. You can pipe large ribbons of it over the top of the Bundt cake with a piping bag or a plastic freezer bag with one corner cut off.

WATCH: Classic Sweet Tea

For the most tea flavor, use family-size tea bags, which are larger than the standard ones. After the tea has steeped for 10 minutes, lift the bags from the liquid and press them against the side of the bowl using the back of a spoon. Then let the tea cool completely before adding to the batter.