A little brown butter makes all the difference.

Is there an end to the flavor implications that can come about from the addition of golden-brown melted butter? We think not. Whether it's mixed into cookie batter or slathered between two halves of a fresh-from-the-oven roll, brown butter is the secret for upping the ante in a way that convinces friends and family no one can hold a candle to you in the kitchen. Little do they know your secret is a sauce pan, a stick of butter, and 8 minutes of undivided attention. And it truly must be undivided—don't even think about running to the laundry room to switch over a load to the dryer. You'll come back to the scent scorched butter and squandered dreams. That's a fact.

Caramel Rice Krispies Treats
Credit: Getty/stagnatilis

The latest brown butter confection we're a bit obsessed with? Alton Brown's recipe for Browned Butter Krispy Rice Treats. Not only does he call for browning a stick of the good stuff, but he also toasts the rice cereal (check out his note on brand-name ingredients) to bring even more flavor.

One more add-in that is essential when baking with brown butter? Salt. It brings out that rich flavor like nothing else. Alton calls for two big pinches of kosher salt stirred into the melted marshmallows, prior to added the rice cereal. It'll help incorporate the granules and avoid pockets of salty flavor.  

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Now we don't want to spill all of Alton's secrets, so hop on over to his site to find out what he uses to serve his Browned Butter Krispy Rice Treats—hint: It's not a 13x9 pan.