These simple techniques will give your scramble the perfect remix.
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Scrambled eggs are a morning staple for good reason: They're easy and budget-friendly. But things can get pretty stale if you're having the same breakfast every day. Here are five inexpensive ways to make scrambled eggs less boring.

Get to the salt early. Salting your scrambled eggs up to 15 minutes before you drop them in the pan helps to lock in your eggs' moisture for the perfect tender scramble. A 26 ounce can of iodized salt runs only 82 cents. Buy a two-pack here.

Milk is a common ingredient that lends to the consistency of scrambled eggs, but other dairy products can add a little something extra to your breakfast. Yogurt can up the tanginess of your eggs, while cream cheese lends to a creamier dish. Pick up yogurt or cream cheese for about six bucks.

Adding vegetables, whether sautéed spinach or peppers and onions, is a great way to add nutrition and flavor. The veg of your choice will only cost about $2.

There are many fresh herbs that will make a great addition to scrambled eggs. Anything from dill to thyme will work, just chop it up and whisk the herbs into your eggs before you cook. Grab an assortment of herbs and spices from Thrive Market for $40. Buy it here.

Even your whisking technique can help mix up your daily scramble. Switching up your speed or the size of your saucepan can give your eggs a different consistency and even a bit of class. Grab a whisk for about $6 to $15 and get practicing.

These simple techniques will give your scramble the perfect remix.