It's this simple sandwich that truly hits the winning drive.
Egg Salad Sandwiches at Masters
Credit: Plain Chicken

Fore! Anyone who loves the Masters Tournament has four main reasons for attending or watching the annual spring event at Augusta National: The first, and most obvious, is the golf. The second, which most people won't admit, is for the people-watching. A third, less-discussed, reason is the pristine landscaping, boasting carefully manicured greens and azaleas that form a picture-perfect backdrop. And then there's the fourth reason, and arguably the most important—the food.

The signature green-wrapped delicacies, an ode to the tournament's famous green jackets, are the one aspect of the Masters that doesn't come with a hefty price tag or absurd rules and regulations. The food is unpretentious, uniquely Southern, and ridiculously cheap. In a country where hot dogs cost a pretty penny at ballparks, mint juleps set you back at the Kentucky Derby, and strawberries and cream will put a dent in your wallet at Wimbledon, it's quite refreshing to experience a taste of the South for less than $2.00.

Sure, the pimento cheese gets all the headlines, but there's another serious and delicious contender in the cheap eats category at the golfing tournament—and it's just as iconic as Arnold Palmer and Magnolia Lane. The egg salad sandwich is slowly becoming a grab-and-go Masters standby, just like the pimento cheese and Georgia Peach ice cream sandwich. In some sort of deterrent to ward off food espionage, the tourney guards keep the recipes of their beloved white-bread wonders pretty close to the vest, as most Southerners do with their tried-and-true recipes. But, here's what we do know about it—and the reasons why it's a classic sandwich recipe that follows through on and off the course.

Let's pause here, though, to celebrate the fact that you can purchase it for the same amount as you would the coveted pimento cheese sandwich and most fast-food value menu items—a buck-fifty, to be exact. Moreover, it's not your typical deli-style egg salad. You know, the yellow, goopy, too warm for its own good, salad that most true-blue Southerners would scoff at. The secret to every mouthwatering bite of this sandwich can be attributed to its simplicity. A velvety texture, chunky pieces of hard-cooked eggs, and soft white bread, all of which are held together by the signature green wax paper, is all there is to it. Well, mostly. After some digging, we know mayonnaise is involved, however, we can't vouch for the Dixie favorite, Duke's. Regardless of the secret key ingredient, though, the egg salad sandwich represents the best of Augusta and this sporting event.

If you weren't lucky enough to snag some tickets for the 81st PGA tournament, but you plan on watching it the rest of the weekend from the comfort of your own, this copycat recipe is par for the course. Just don't forget the sweet iced tea and dessert!

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Perfect for church functions, potlucks, picnics, cookouts, and funerals, nothing beats a basic, no-fuss, classic egg salad or pimento cheese served on white bread.