Nana knows best.
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On the day before Thanksgiving last year, my mom and I were in the kitchen with my grandmother (better known as Nana to me) as she was preparing the cornbread dressing for our Thanksgiving meal the next day. Just before she was about to peel the boiled eggs, she reached into one of her kitchen drawers and exclaimed, "I've got to show you my new egg chopper!" She then proceeded to pull out her Kitchenaid Egg Slicer ($11.99; and demonstrate for us how it works.

To chop her boiled eggs, she simply placed it vertically and sliced once. She then rotated the egg 90 degrees and sliced it again. In just a few seconds, the egg was completely chopped into the perfect sized pieces for the dressing. The slicer has 10 stainless steel cutting wires that easily glide through the egg with little effort. It also has non-skid rubber feet to help keep it sturdy and in place on the counter while you use it. Plus, it's dishwasher safe so it takes little effort to clean.

Anytime she's using chopped boiled eggs in a recipe, such as the cornbread dressing or her classic potato salad that she makes quite frequently during summer grilling season, she turns to her Kitchenaid Egg Slicer to get the job done in just a few seconds. It's also great for dicing eggs that will be used as a salad topping or to make egg salad. In addition to Amazon, you can also find it at Target and Kohl's. For her, the time it saves when chopping eggs is well worth the coveted space it takes up in her kitchen drawer.

While I don't know that I'll ever be able to replicate the exact flavor of my grandmother's recipes, having an egg slicer of my own brings me one step closer.