Fried Egg Salad? We Tried It, and It Was Actually Amazing

Yep, fried eggs.

When I first heard about fried egg salad, I couldn't grab the mayo fast enough. Could I really turn a pan of sunny-side-up eggs into this Southern lunchtime staple?

Turns out, you certainly can! Created by chefs Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot of the brilliant blog Ideas in Food, the recipe does away with of all of the annoying aspects of making egg salad—boiling, cooling, peeling—and keeps all of the good stuff, like the creaminess of the eggs, the richness of the mayo, and the contrast of crunchy add-ins like celery. If like me, you love egg salad but hate peeling eggs (and who doesn't?), this might become your new favorite method.

The recipe, which appeared (adapted) on Food52, calls for sliced onions and cubes of ham cooked in a skillet along with the eggs. Although that sounds tasty, I thought it leaned more toward breakfast than lunch, so I skipped this step. The frying method is as easy as it gets—just crack the eggs into a bowl, pour them into a hot nonstick pan, then cover with a lid. (I recommend using two to three eggs per person.) Cook the eggs to your desired doneness, as long as the egg whites are firm and the yolk is at least slightly set. I made my egg yolks a bit more "done" than I would have if I was frying them to eat on their own.

When the eggs are cooked, slide them into a mixing bowl and cut them into small pieces with kitchen shears right in the bowl—also ingenious! Then mix in mayo, salt and pepper, and whatever else you like in your egg salad. (For me, it's minced celery, soft herbs, and a touch of Dijon mustard.)

Fried Egg Salad
Photo: Lisa Cericola

The result is a fast, super delicious, warm egg salad that's perfect for topping slices of toast or an English muffin. But be aware: Unlike other egg salad recipes, this isn't one isn't chunky and spread-like. The runny egg yolks add richness, but they don't bulk up the texture. If you prefer chilled egg salad, just place the bowl in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. This will also thicken up the consistency.

Now if only I could use this method to make deviled eggs.

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