It's a genius gadget for peeling hard-boiled eggs with ease.
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The Negg

If the thought of peeling hard-boiled eggs makes you cringe, or if it's just one more obstacle between you and a batch of perfectly deviled eggs, we've found a gadget you need to try. It's the Negg™.

Currently, 60% of the product's Amazon reviews are 5-star reviews, with an average of 4 stars over 346 customer evaluations. That piqued our interest—that, along with the concept. If there's a gadget that will make it easier for us to prepare deviled eggs, we just have to try it. (That's how much we love our deviled eggs.)

How does it work? Glad you asked. This gadget uses water to shake eggs out of their shells. If done correctly, with a few gentle shakes, the Negg™ will allow your perfectly boiled egg to slip from its shell.

The instructions are as follows. Once you add 1/4 cup of water to the Negg™, you can place the hard-boiled egg inside. You then snap the top onto the Negg™ and prepare to shake. The gadget's instructions advise users to shake gently 4 to 12 times. The shake should be forceful enough to slip the egg from the shell, but not so forceful that you break up the egg in the process. Because the sides of the Negg™ are clear, you can evaluate the process and adjust the shake accordingly. You should stop shaking when the white of the egg appears.

Once you've tried the Negg™, you can make any and all of our best-loved deviled egg recipes. Start with our Barbecue Deviled Eggs, and you'll be on your way to deviled egg perfection—not to mention the best side at the neighborhood potluck.

The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler

To buy: $14.95,

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Curious? Will you be trying out this new kitchen gadget the next time you make deviled eggs or whip up a batch of egg salad?