No dry, deflated eggs here. 
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Dash Egg Bite Maker
Credit: Amazon

Ever since Starbucks launched their super fluffy, protein-packed sous vide egg bites, we've been hot on the search for how to make them at home. Sure, a muffin tin will get you somewhere, though that result won't be nearly as airy and light. The trick to their signature savory egg bites lies in the sous vide-style cooking. (As well as a hefty scoop of cottage cheese, which we'll get to later.) 

If you don't happen to have a sous vide cooker at home—or like many, don't even know what a sous vide cooker is—there is an easy and cheap solution to mastering the art of Starbucks egg bites at home. Say hello to the Dash Egg Bite Maker

From the same brand as the uber-popular mini waffle maker, this egg cooker comes complete with four silicone molds that uses water and a quick-cooking steam method to prepare fluffy egg bites that don't come out dry or deflated and are finished in as little as ten minutes—which means you can have your copycat Starbucks breakfast (or Egg McMuffin, if that's your thing) in less time than it takes to wait in the drive-thru line. 

The shopper-loved egg bite cooker also comes with a recipe book stocked with ideas to make your new favorite bacon-laden or veggie-packed egg bites in either four miniature sizes or one large sandwich size. If making Starbucks-style sous vide bites, be sure to add about one fourth cup of cottage cheese to your whisked egg mixture before pouring into molds. This adds extra fluffiness and protein. 

So if you're looking for a cheap and space-conscious addition to your breakfast lineup, the Dash Egg Bite Maker has you covered. 

Dash Egg Bite Maker
Credit: Amazon

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Combine whisked eggs, any toppings of your choice (bacon, spinach, or cheese, for example), and a spoonful of cottage cheese for a delicious and nutritious morning meal. 

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