We're never looking back.

You think you've had good egg salad. Maybe it's your Aunt Susan's recipe. Maybe you learned it from your college roommate. Maybe you've been picking it up by the half-pound from your favorite local deli for years. Or perhaps you're a fan of the Masters recipe, straight from Augusta, Georgia. The South isn't short on mighty egg salad contenders.

Well, we're happy to share that your best egg salad recipe is about to get even better. How's that? With Carla Hall's magic fairy wand. As we learned from a recent review of Hall's egg salad recipe on The Kitchn, the celebrity chef and former co-host of ABC's The Chew upgrades her egg salad with the clever addition of chive mayonnaise. It may only be a one-ingredient tweak for some, but chives will take this classic sandwich to new heights. "The mayo is so creamy and delicious; it carries most of the flavor and penetrates every part of the salad. The richness of the mayo was almost too much, but then I ate it with the piece of lightly toasted bread and realized this is an egg salad made to be eaten with bread," wrote Amelia Rampe for The Kitchn. "The chive-infused creaminess soaked into the bread in the most perfect way. I found myself going back for more and more."

You can get Carla Hall's full recipe for egg salad sandwiches with chive mayonnaise here. If chives aren't your favorite herb, try chopped shallots, scallions, basil, or parsley for an added element of interest to your go-to recipe.

All that egg salad talk and we're ready to whip up our own batch. Time to start boiling the water and chopping those chives.