A simple, summery upgrade for classic egg salad.
Picnic Egg Salad
Credit: Greg DuPree; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke; Food Styling: Cat Steele

What do you put in your egg salad? If you're like most people, it includes the usual suspects: a generous amount of mayonnaise with a little sweet pickle relish or chopped celery. While we'll always love this classic version, we added a few fresh ingredients to the mix—radishes, dill, and scallions—and came up with Picnic Egg Salad, a sophisticated yet simple recipe that feels just right for summer.

Mild and creamy egg salad pairs wonderfully with bold, bright ingredients, like fresh herbs—which are now popping up in home gardens and can be found at farmers' markets for a steal. The sharp, grassy flavor of dill works well in cool, creamy dishes (like ranch dressing) but if you're not a fan of this herb, swap it out for fresh basil.

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Minced radish is an unusual ingredient in egg salad but it adds a welcome peppery note and a little bit of color to the dish as well. The recipe calls for two tablespoons minced radish, which is one large radish or two small ones.

Scallions are the other surprising addition to Picnic Egg Salad. The pungent aroma and oniony flavor is a good match for mayonnaise and eggs and gives the salad a little bit of a bite. If you don't have scallions, substitute an equal amount of minced fresh chives.

As with any egg salad recipe, the key is to mince all of the ingredients finely, so the eggs are still the star of the show. While you can certainly serve Picnic Egg Salad sandwiched between two slices of soft bread, or atop a pile of salad greens, we like it as an appetizer atop toasted baguette slices—preferably with a chilled bottle of rose. It just might upstage the deviled eggs.