A Former SL Test Kitchen Professional Made My New Favorite Mail-Order Pimiento Cheese

If you want to pass it off as homemade, I won't tell!

Pimento Chz Club
Photo: Marian Cooper Cairns

Ever since I moved to Austin, Texas in 2018, my home has become a revolving door to friends and family members eager to see the city. After countless weekend visits, I finally have my hosting playbook down pat. On a Thursday grocery store trip, I fill my buggy with flowers, grab-and-go breakfast items, and ingredients for at least one appetizer spread.

I don't like to spend precious time in the kitchen away from my guests, so I make an effort to keep our snacks simple and familiar to me. I like the flexibility of throwing something together whenever we might get hungry.

I learned this hosting secret the hard way during a hurried attempt to make pimiento cheese from scratch. After breaking my (very inexpensive!) grater directly in half, I started my hunt for a store-bought pimiento cheese that even my born-and-raised Southern friends would enjoy. That's when I stumbled on Marian Cooper Cairns' Pimento Chz Club.

A former Southern Living Test Kitchen Professional who still lends her talent to our pages, Marian knows a thing or two about good pimiento cheese. Living in Los Angeles, she was thousands of miles away from her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama and looking to share a little taste of the South with her neighbors.

"When COVID-19 hit, I was searching for connection, and I remembered how great it felt to connect over food and drink and host people for dinner." Marian said. "I decided to whip up a few batches of pimiento cheese and deliver them doorstep to doorstep to try to recreate that feeling."

Pimento Chz Club
Marian Cooper Cairns

Today, you don't need to live near Marian to try her recipe. Thanks to Nourish Foods delivery service, you can have Pimento Chz Club's Original and Green Chile Cilantro flavors on your doorstep in just a few days. While this involves a little more planning than a last-minute run to the grocery store, your weekend guests will certainly appreciate the effort. This season, keep a container on hand for tailgates, happy hours, and drop-in guests.

If you happen to have the time to make your own pimiento cheese from scratch, might I suggest this fan-favorite Southern Living recipe served with no-fuss saltines and a side of pickles. Happy hosting, y'all!

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