Why The Pimiento Cheese Snack Pack Is A Must-Have For Summer

Red Clay Gourmet Pimiento Cheese Snack Pack
Photo: Courtesy of Red Clay Gourmet

If you were a child in the '80s, at some point someone probably handed you a Handi-Snack and you diligently set about using the enclosed red plastic stick to spread cheese on a cracker. Some mothers (*ahem*) even stashed them in their purses to dole out at movie theaters, instead of splurging on popcorn. Handi-snacks were handy, a snack, and tasted, you know, fine. Not great, not terrible, but fine. Luckily, the folks at Red Clay Gourmet decided to use their expertise in the world of pimento cheese to update that lunchbox classic with a very Southern twist.

The Winston-Salem, N.C.-based company has just unveiled their very own take on the iconic Handi-Snack. They've created a snack pack featuring their handmade pimento cheese, Italian flatbread-style crackers (which aren't Saltines, but will do), and even a little bamboo spreader. Red Clay Gourmet's version of the Handi-Snack is a vast improvement on the plastic-y cheese that comes in the original version, which is either supposed to be Cheddar or American or perhaps is its own unique cheese-like concoction.

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For their version, Red Clay Gourmet hand-shreds pounds of sharp cheddar from small local dairies, blends it by hand in small batches with mayonnaise made with cage-free eggs, and no artificial preservatives. They don't just offer one flavor of their award-winning pimento cheese, either. To ensure that your snacking never gets dull, there's a classic Sharp Cheddar, Flame Roasted Jalapeño, Hickory Smoked Cheddar, and their award-winning South Meets East Sriracha, which took home the top prize at the 2018 Product Competition of the N.C. Specialty Foods Association.

As Garden & Gun notes, the pimento cheese snack packs —as well as the full-size buckets of their pimento cheese—are sold at Whole Foods and Earth Fare locations across the South. They're the perfect addition to picnic baskets and lunchboxes and we won't tell if you sneak them into movie theaters.

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