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big box store free samples
Credit: Richard Cartwright / Contributor/Getty Images

There are a million things to love about Costco. (Seriously, don't get us started!) But nothing gets our hearts pumping for the big box store like a good lineup of free samples. That's not to say we'd throw punches for a free snack, but we've certainly made our fair share of beelines once we get a whiff of something tasty.

From meatballs to bite-sized cheesecakes, we've tried it all. But even we were shocked to learn some of the finer details of Costco's legendary free samples. Scroll down for an inside look at the retailer's sample secrets.

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1. There's no limit.

Technically, employees can't enforce a limit on how many treats shoppers indulge in. "Once I was giving out Ferrero Rocher and this 15-year-old took nine trays worth. That was 63 candies and about 50 bucks worth of product, right into his pocket," one employee recalled on Reddit. "We can't say no. It's {not} worth our job to tell someone they can't have something."

2. The people giving them out usually don't work there.

According to The Kitchn, the people who give out free samples at Costco are often employed by a company called Club Demonstration Services. Other times, if they're demonstrating a particular product, for example, they most likely work for the manufacturer.

3. There is a best time to go.

Even though it's when the lines are the longest, Saturdays and Sundays offer the best selection of free samples. "If you want unlimited amounts of samples and no lines, go on a Monday or Tuesday, but there are fewer to choose from," the same Redditor advised. "On the weekends, go right around 1 or 2 because all shifts are out at that time. If you don't feel like you have eaten a full meal through sampling, you're not doing it right."