This Small South Carolina Farm May Mill the Best Grits in America

The heirloom corn dates back to the 1850s.

Corn in Field
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Some people can easily tick off the 10 best burgers they've ever had. As Southerners, sure, we could do that, but we'd rather wax poetic on the best grits we've ever had. Lowcountry shrimp and grits, how we love thee. Laid-back grits bar brunches. Those creamy Anson Mills rice grits with key lime braised Sea Island red peas, Cuban romesco, basil-arugula salsa verde, and crispy chicharrón at the Havana Beach Bar and Grill in Rosemary Beach? We're still dreaming about them months later.

While everyone has their go-to brand for making grits at home, here's a new favorite to add to your culinary arsenal: Colonial Milling. Milled on their pink granite stone mill in the tiny town of Pauline, South Carolina, farmer Jon Stauffer and his team make some of the best grits and cornmeal you've ever tasted.

As recently reported, Stauffer started Colonial Milling around two-and-a-half years ago, and his grits and cornmeal have subsequently exploded in the local area. Stauffer credits his wife Michelle — who also homeschools their son and works as a part-time nurse — for helping on the farm and leading online business efforts for the company's success.

"It's amazing grits. It tastes like freaking popcorn. It's crazy," Jaime Cribb, head chef at The Kennedy in Spartanburg, said in the article. "I've heard countless reactions of, 'Man these are the best grits I've ever had,' or, 'Where did you get these?' or, 'I didn't know grits could taste this good.'"

WATCH: The Southern History Of Grits

Thankfully, you don't have to be in the Spartanburg area to taste these non-GMO, heirloom grits and cornmeal. Colonial Milling ships nationwide, and you can order them online here.

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