Mind = blown.

Love it or hate it, cranberry sauce has managed to become as synonymous with Thanksgiving as the Macy's parade. But, as Adweek recently pointed out, its polarizing presence on Thanksgiving Day menus isn't the only intriguing thing about it.

Before you decant your gelatinous side dish this year, look at the can. Is the thicker, rounded edge at the top as opposed to the bottom?

The label will, most likely, appear upside down.

Confused? So are we. Fortunately, a spokesperson for Ocean Spray explained the science behind the seemingly topsy-turvy cans to CNN Business.

The cans are "filled and labeled upside down with the rounded edge on top and the sharp can-like edge on the bottom to keep the jelly whole." This creates an air bubble vacuum on the rounded side (the top) so customers can "can swipe the edge of the can with a knife to break the vacuum and the log will easily slide out."

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce
Credit: NoDerog/Getty Images

So, the cans aren't upside down at all, they're simply designed differently to make opening and serving cranberry sauce easier.  

Thank you, science!