Inquiring carb lovers want to know.

Bread, glorious bread. Let us count the ways we love you. Rye toast. Pita. Biscuits. Focaccia. Pretzel Buns. Baguettes. Sourdough loaves. We could go and on.

Yet, here's one time you shouldn't love on that holy triumvirate of flour, water, and yeast: When you spy mold. While you may have heard it's A-Ok to tear off the moldy bits and go forth and devour, science would beg to differ. "We don't recommend cutting mold off of bread, because it's a soft food," Marianne Gravely, a senior technical information specialist for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), told NPR's The Salt. "With soft food, it's very easy for the roots [of the mold], or the tentacles, or whatever creepy word you want to use, to penetrate" deeper into the food.

Gravely says sliced bread that comes pre-packaged in a bag can sometimes be a different story: Once you've carefully examined the inside and outside of a long loaf, if you see only one end has mold, it's likely fine to keep the side without mold. If there is mold on random slices throughout, toss the loaf. P.S. Just because a bread is pre-sliced doesn't necessarily prevent mold from traveling between slices. Well baguette buddies, now we know.

Of course, if you think you've consumed a moldy piece of bread and are concerned you're having an adverse reaction, seek medical help immediately.

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