And the favorite parent is…

A few weeks ago, a post on Kelly Dixon's Smart School House Facebook page upended the lives of many, many moms. "I stumbled across a post saying they make pancakes out of muffin mixes, and their kids love them because there are so many flavors," read the post. A recipe was provided, and 65,000 shares later, the flip-the-script idea became an Internet sensation. "So simple, enjoy!" the post concluded. According to the post, the dead-easy "recipe" is as follows:

One packet of Martha White muffin mix, the flavor of your choice
⅔ cup of milk
1 egg
Whisk, ladle to a hot, oiled skillet and enjoy!

It was impossible not to give this a try. Having a picky 3-year-old at home means I'm constantly developing creative ways to cater to her palette, and while I often make pancakes from scratch, I was curious to see if the trick works. It does. I purchased three flavors—Banana Nut, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and Lemon Poppy Seed. The batter turned out perfectly runny and ladle-friendly, not too sticky. My daughter, in fact, helped me whisk it—an achievable task for her age.

The pancakes themselves didn't disappoint. They were on the denser side, chewy but not too dry, with nicely crisped edges. Of all the flavors, the Lemon Poppy Seed was most suitable for the pancake format. The other two, in my opinion, were too sweet. Success? Indeed. Just a word of advice, though: If you have a toddler, you're better off not showing them the original packaging. My daughter loved the end result but, as I proudly served the pancake stack, asked for "those cupcake-shaped things" she saw an image of in the preparation process. Big mistake. But that's about the only issue this fun experiment yields. 

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