Queso for Breakfast is Einstein Bros. Bagels' Tasty New Treat

Yes, Please!

Mama may be right about most things, but she may have been misguided when she said queso was not a breakfast food. That melted cheesy goodness is delicious at any time, including the all-important first meal of the day. Proving this point, Einstein Bros. Bagels is bringing breakfast queso to the world with their new Bacon & Queso Egg Sandwich. Sorry, Ma, but queso for breakfast is officially happening.

The Bacon & Queso Egg Sandwich starts with a bagel, naturally. After you pick your favorite flavor, (maybe not blueberry in this instance, but hey, we don't judge) it's stacked with eggs and smoked Applewood bacon, decked out with their signature queso which includes double-whipped Jalapeño Salsa shmear and spicy green chilies.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Queso lovers can also add the cheesy deliciousness to any other sandwich, like the avocado egg sandwich, for just 75 cents. Breakfast queso will be available at Einstein Bros. starting September 16, ahead of National Queso Day, which should be marked on your calendar for September 20. If for some reason you don't want a queso-topped bagel, perhaps you'll want their Texas Brisket Egg Sandwich, which piles Texas-style beef brisket on a jalapeno bacon bagel and then drenches it in chipotle aioli. Brisket and queso for breakfast? Yes, please!

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