How to Cook Bacon and Eggs in a Paper Bag

This is genius.

Bacon and Eggs on Plate
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Love eggs? Love bacon? Whether you're simply looking for a fun party trick over your backyard firepit or actually going camping, making bacon-and-eggs in a paper bag is bound to be a tasty hit. The easy method only requires the two breakfast staples and a standard paper lunch bag.

For the cooking method, you'll want to make sure you use thick-cut bacon (you'll be using the porky slices to grease up the paper bag interior), and if you're on an overnight camping trip, you can store cracked-open raw eggs in a water bottle. When you're ready for breakfast (or lunch, or dinner), you use the bacon to coat the inside of the bag, then put the bacon inside the bag, pour in your eggs on top, fold the top of the bag down to seal it shut and poke a stick through the top of the bag. Suspend it over your coals or fire for five-to-seven minutes, taking care to rotate your stick so all sides cook through evenly. Then grab your fork, open up the bag and dig in. Watch the recipe walk-through from Backpacker Magazine below.

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