It's Bo Time!
Bojangles biscuits

If your lips part slightly in reverence when the phrase "Bojangles biscuits" is uttered, you're not alone. Easily surpassing all other fast-food chains in the biscuit realm with their almighty creation, the flaky bun has a little known aide.

What may that be? You wonder, as a vaguely salty breeze of buttermilky air hits your nose. As it turns out, the reason these flaky buns stack up to mama's homemade biscuits is simple. It's man (or woman) over machine. Every location has a full-time staffer devoted completely to the art of biscuit making, the way Mama would do it.

A recent piece on The Daily Meal explains, "The biscuits are made by hand (buttermilk is part of the secret recipe) and baked for exactly 20 minutes, and the process has a whopping 48 individual steps." 48 steps may sound slow for fast food, but each restaurant bakes approximately 945 biscuits daily.

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As any home cook knows, one should seek counsel from the previous generation of masters. In Bo'town, this comes in the form of the coveted "Master Biscuit Maker." Every year, the company holds a Master Biscuit Maker contest and a panel crowns the winner, who takes home eternal bragging rights and a cash prize.

"Biscuits are an art form," executive vice-president Eric Newman told the Nashville Post in 2011. "It's a highly honored position in our restaurants. It's an intricate, delicate process to manage." Perhaps in honor of their 40th anniversary, this Charlotte-based joint will consider a slight name tweak. Doesn't Bojangles' Famous Biscuits ‘n Chicken have a nice ring to it?