An ode to the modest appetizer accoutrements
Toast Points
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You can't go wrong with toast points. Sure, we appreciate a sleeve of saltines as much as the next person, but a crisp toast point is our favorite sidekick to accompany our go-to chicken salad and pimiento cheese recipes from their bowls to our taste buds. A dish of the freshly baked ones belong on appetizer trays everywhere. If you still need convincing…

They go with everything.

Toast points are the perfect vehicle for your favorite Southern spreads. Egg salad. Chicken salad. Pimiento cheese. Ham salad. Cheese. Fruit preserves. Savory or sweet, the list goes on and on. Toast points are flavorful, but never fussy and never showy. You could always eat one on its own, especially if it's made from a delicious bread rendered crisp and buttery in the oven, but its real calling is to be a stage upon which other appetizers can shine.

They're texturally ideal.

Crunchy and tender with just a sliver of crust, the toast point has it all. Its texture is the optimal foundation for any and all spreads. We would also be remiss to ignore its form. It comes in different shapes and sizes, all of which are ideally suited for scooping. Toast points are usually triangular, trapezoidal, or rhombic, forms that offer flat surfaces and—as the name would suggest—pointed edges, which are suited to digging ever so elegantly into a cheese ball or dollop of chicken salad. On the other hand, their cousin, the crostino (pictured above), is a slice of toasted baguette with a rounded shape that is served already topped with delicious trappings.

They're the perfect size for apps.

A slice of toast is too unwieldy to be an appetizer. It's too big to fit on an appetizer plate and far too much to maneuver while conversing over a coffee table. Apps should be bite size, and that's where toast points come into play. They're everything you love about a slice of toast only whittled down to a more manageable size. They're not too big, not too small, and they complement every app they come into contact with.

They're so easy to make.

If you're craving toast points—unusual, to say the least, but perhaps we've convinced you—take note of our favorite recipes, including Parmesan Toast Points and classic Toast Points, ideal accompaniments for your favorite Southern spreads. They couldn't be easier to make. Most only call for a handful of ingredients (some only call for two!), and prep is a breeze. A quick crisping in a hot oven leaves you with a toasty batch of the appetizer spread's MVP: Most Valuable (Toast) Points.

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Are you a master of toast points or do you reach for boxed crackers first? Let us know your favorite appetizers to serve with toast points.