Don't get hangry on your next road trip.
Perfect Bar
Credit: @perfectbar

While many a product obsession is born of social media advertising these days, my most recent one was found in of all places the Hardy Street Starbucks in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Despite the fact that I live in Birmingham, Alabama, I am a semi-frequent customer of this chain coffee outpost due to my very frequent drives to New Orleans. Right at the point when East Mississippi seems to be an unending plain of pines and fatigue starts to settle in, there it is, a suburban respite complete with caffeination and a clean restroom.

On my last drive down, I thought I would be able to stay satiated until a late afternoon arrival. It seemed a shame to waste edible real estate when I could save my appetite for lunch in the Garden District. But I was ravenous and started pawing through the refrigerated snack options during this Starbucks pit stop. I picked up what was labeled a Perfect Bar thinking it would be like any other protein or granola bar, and handed it to the cashier.

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But after unwrapping it in the car out in the parking lot and taking a bite, I was moved to say "holy crap, that's good!" audibly to myself. Instead of being composed of craggy clusters, Perfect Bars are like delicious blocks of smooth, honey-sweetened nut butter with 20 added powdered superfoods like blueberry, spinach, and spirulina. Not only was it easier to eat with one hand and keep from crumbling all over me as I drove down Interstate 59, it also kept me fuller longer than any other granola bar I would otherwise reach for.

They also taste so darn good that on a recent AmTrak train ride, I found myself eating one just after our second stop during a 7-hour ride. If you are a self-described cookie dough enthusiast, try their chocolate chip peanut butter bar and thank me later.

Their only flaw might be that because they're refrigerated, they are most often only available at grocery stores and Starbucks instead of gas stations. Thankfully, the Perfect Bar website as a mobile-optimized store locator tool for my next road trip.