The New York Times Wants You to Add Ricotta to Your Biscuit Dough

What sayeth you, Southerners?

Not all biscuits are created equal. But would you deign to infilitrate your raw biscuit dough with ricotta cheese?

The New York Times wants you to try it. In a recent article for the Sunday magazine, writer Tejal Rao espouses the virtues of folding ricotta, "practically soupy with whey," into your next batch of biscuits.

Inspired by Nicole Rucker, the chef at Fiona in Los Angeles, Rao explained how slipping ricotta into biscuit dough created such a masterpiece. After straining the ricotta, "the [resulting] biscuits were tender as cake, with a beautiful, soft crumb, rising so tall they started to bend to the side, the tops thick with satisfying gold crusts."

Then, in a play straight after our Southern hearts, Rucker proceed to compose a de facto tomato cobbler with ricotta biscuits, where the fruit's fragrant juices simmer beneath the carby slabs. "You could bake off a tray of these biscuits on a piece of parchment and call it a day, but it's August, and the tomatoes are excessive," writes Rao. "This time of year, Rucker places raw ricotta biscuit dough over a pile of seasoned tomatoes and bakes it all together until the bottom is bubbly and jammy and the top is browned."

So what's your take on this unconventional biscuit recipe? We won't tell great aunt Linda about the secret ingredient add-in at the next backyard potluck if you won't.

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