We Put Joanna Gaines' Biscuit Recipe To The Test

Does Waco's Wonder Woman have a recipe that can compare to our beloved buttermilk biscuits?

Joanna Gaines is one of our favorite Southern personalities. Not only does this mom of 5 (five!) have time to post about sweet date nights with her husband Chip, renovate old houses into our dream abodes, and contribute to her very own magazine – she's also written multiple books, including a cookbook. Magnolia Table: A Collection Of Recipes For Gathering is Joanna's combination of classic Gaines family favorites and dishes from the powerhouse couple's restaurant in Waco, Texas.

Joanna Gaines Biscuits Micah Abbi
Southern Living

One of the recipes that stood out to us in her book was Jo's biscuit recipe, of which she writes it "took a year" to get right. Unlike the classic Southern Living biscuit recipe, whose ingredients are just White Lily self-rising flour, frozen grated butter, and buttermilk – Joanna's recipe contains a surprising ingredient: eggs. Her biscuit recipe also contains multiple leavening agents, and steps that say "as needed" – a contrast from the methodical recipe we've sworn by for years. So, with flaky biscuits on our brain, we decided to put Joanna Gaines' "best-ever" biscuit recipe (find it here!) to the test, following her instructions exactly.

With no restrictions on how much to stir the dough or how to add in the wet ingredients, we were intrigued on how her recipe would turn out. She also doesn't specify to fold the dough, which tends to be key in creating those layers we all know and love. The result? A spongier texture we weren't expecting, but an impressively buttery flavor and a golden, flaky crust. We think we'll stick to White Lily, though.

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