Why haven't we ever thought of this?
Credit: rudisill/Getty Images

As much as we love biscuits, we'll admit there are times where we just can't finish an entire batch. With biscuits already stale, hot glazed "bonuts" aren't an option. What's a Southerner to do? Make biscuit croutons.

As Lifehacker pointed out, it's the perfect use for days-old biscuits that are too hard to eat. "[Biscuit Croutons] absorb whatever fat you toss them in far better than any other bread, and they cook up super-crispy on the outside while remaining tender and every-so-slightly chewy on the inside," writes the article's author Claire Lower.

To make the croutons, you'll only need a tablespoon of salted butter per leftover biscuit, garlic powder, and pepper. After tearing up your biscuits into small pieces, you'll place them on a baking sheet and add a sprinkling of pepper and garlic powder. Bake for around five-to-ten minutes at 375℉ — until the croutons or golden brown — and you've got the perfect excuse to whip up a big pot of soup for dinner. (Or perhaps it's Ceasar salad time. Or chili night.)

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Get the full technique on Lifehacker here. It goes without saying, but we won't tell if you decide to make a fresh batch of biscuits just to let them go stale for this.