We're stirring up the cornbread debate once again.
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Cornbread Muffin
Credit: Alison Miksch; Styling: Caroline M. Cunningham

Other than religion, politics, or football, it's hard to find a more divisive topic in the South than cornbread. For generations, the debate continues to rage on about the type and color of cornmeal to use (white or yellow, stone-ground or fine), the amount of sugar (bring it on, just a little, none whatsoever), and the type of fat used (butter, oil, lard).

According to our test kitchen, cornbread should be made with yellow cornmeal and a touch of sugar (just a touch!), in a screaming hot cast-iron skillet. The sugar helps the bottom of the cornbread caramelize into a beautiful dark golden brown and balances out the savory flavor of the cornmeal and eggs. And the cast-iron skillet gives the crust its irresistibly crunchy texture—which is one of the best parts of a wedge of cornbread and why our test kitchen swears by cast-iron.

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That said, we're aware that traditions vary across the South and you probably like your cornbread the way your Mama made it. My Mama liked to make cornbread in a muffin pan, so that is my original memory. And while I opt for our test kitchen's classic method in my trusty skillet, I still have a soft spot for cornbread muffins. A metal muffin pan can't produce that delicious crust, but it makes cornbread that's fluffy, tender, and a bit more portable for a bread basket, especially if you've used muffin liners—but that's another debate entirely.

For the best of both worlds, swap out your metal muffin pan for a cast-iron muffin pan, or better yet, a cornstick pan, the old-fashioned cast-iron baking pan with those cute little corn cob-shaped cavities. Either pan will make cornbread muffins with a crisp crust—and who can resist cornbread that's shaped like corn? Looks like I've figured out my mom's Christmas gift…