Blue Bell Introduces New Eggnog Ice Cream for the Holidays

Oh, happy day!

The folks at Blue Bell have come up with a new way to enjoy your favorite holiday drink.

The Texas-based creamery's new Eggnog ice cream is described as a "delicious French ice cream" with flecks of nutmeg and whipped topping swirl. Half-gallon sizes of the decadent treat hit store shelves today and are available for a limited time only.

Blue Bell Eggnog Ice Cream
Blue Bell

"Many people compare eggnog to ice cream because of its creamy texture. Our ice cream captures the flavor of eggnog perfectly. Your first spoonful is sweet, then you immediately taste a hint of nutmeg. Eggnog is a very popular drink during the Christmas season, but we think our new ice cream could very well take its place," Jimmy Lawhorn, vice president of sales and marketing for Blue Bell, said in a news release.

But wait, there's more! Two additional holiday-inspired flavors are also now available in stores: Christmas Cookies Ice Cream and Peppermint Ice Cream.

Christmas Cookies combines chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and sugar cookies in a sugar cookie ice cream mixed with red sprinkles and a green icing swirl. Peppermint is a "cool, refreshing" peppermint ice cream sprinkled with peppermint candy pieces. Both flavors are available in the half-gallon size.

"We hope Blue Bell will be a part of your gatherings this holiday season," Lawhorn added. "We have a great selection of flavors that should please anyone's ice cream craving."

Speaking of ice cream cravings, we've got to run to the grocery store now.

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