Why You Need to Make a Stop at Biscuitville This Year

Local, fresh, and oh-so Southern

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Have you heard? Biscuitville is the place to eat.

If you're not lucky enough to live near a Biscuitville (aka, you're not one of the deliciously enlightened), let us explain.

Biscuitville is a family owned and operated, old-fashioned, Southern-style food chain serving up delicious, hand-kneaded, scratch-made biscuits from 54 locations in North Carolina and Virginia. (Say that five times fast.) Their headquarters is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and rumor has it that there's a Biscuitville food truck in the works, which promises to bring their fan-favorite biscuits to even more locations. Speaking of the biscuits, they are flaky and tasty and prepared in-store every 15 minutes. At some locations, guests can even watch the pastry preparation as their biscuits develop from gooey dough to golden biscuit. (Talk about fresh.)

The local aspect of Biscuitville boils down to how they interact with their communities. When possible, Biscuitville partners with local vendors and family businesses to support the surrounding community and to ensure quality ingredients for delicious meals. Chicken from Mt. Airy, Georgia; flour from Henderson, North Carolina; coffee from Concord, North Carolina; and pickles from Mount Olive, North Carolina enrich meals at each Biscuitville location.

According to their menu, Biscuitville offers hearty breakfast sandwiches, savory breakfast platters, healthy options, breakfast sweets, and lunch sandwiches so satisfying, you'll be planning your next visit even before you finish the one at hand. Favorite items include the biscuits, of course, which are made with local flour and creamy buttermilk, as well as the hearty lunchtime sandwiches.

That's not all. If you're truly invested, you can join the Biscuit Club, which qualifies you for free food, discounts, and a free biscuit on your birthday.

Has this convinced you to make a trip to Biscuitville this year? We thought so. Check their locations to find the Biscuitville closest to you, and start perusing the menu today.

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Now that you're in the know, what will your Biscuitville order be? We're partial to the Spicy Chicken and Honey Biscuit and light-as-air breakfast grits.

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