There's fierce competition amongst Southern brewers for the region's hoppiest beers. Here, a few favorites.

Red Brick Brewing Co. Hoplanta IPA Beer
Credit: Chris Ellenbogen

Hallelujah! Craft beer has not only come back, it's here to stay. Over the last half-decade alone, we've welcomed hundreds of breweries across the region, from Atlanta to Austin. And these local watering holes are concocting beers ranging in style from dark coffee-infused porters to light and seasonally fruity saisons. However, the most popular style of all—which has been credited by some for starting the craft beer renaissance—remains the Indian Pale Ale, or IPA. Why so popular? The particularly high alcohol content and hoppy bite make the IPA a popular choice. There are more than a few Southern versions we crave, but here are the top ten that we just can't live without. May your pint glasses runneth over.

  • Hoplanta
  • Red Brick Brewing Co.
  • Atlanta, Georgia