Add these go-to-grocery finds to your buggy—you won’t be sorry you did.


Cooking an elaborate multi-course dinner can be relaxing and invigorating. Baking can be blissful. But sometimes, an easy, fast, and delicious meal means taking an item out of the freezer and popping it in the oven or the microwave. At Publix, the frozen food section is packed with attractive options that will make the home cook and their loved ones perfectly happy. Here are five outstanding hits to seek out.

Jamaican Style Patty Spicy Beef Turnovers

A treat for unexpected guests

Delicious when homemade, turnovers can be time-consuming. These satisfying patties, filled with flavorful beef, can be ready in just two minutes—stock up on a few boxes to throw a last-minute turnover party with sauces and dips.

Margherita Thin and Crispy Crust Pizza

A quick and tasty family dinner

This light and satisfying frozen pizza is the perfect canvass for a weeknight dinner; nothing but classic marinara, basil, and mozzarella. Dress it up with mushrooms, olives, and your favorite cheeses, and serve alongside a fresh salad.

Plantános Maduros Ripe Plantains

An impressive, low-stress side

Soft, addictive and barely sweet, plantains are impossible to say no to. Bake them in the oven and pair with pork or chicken to make a cozy, bright meal.

Woman's Arm Opening Freezer Door at Grocery Store
Credit: Getty/Jacobs Stock Photography Ltd

TGI Fridays Loaded Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins

A crowd-pleasing appetizer

Bacon, cheese, and potatoes? Sold. While creating this appetizer from scratch may be a weekend project, this restaurant-worthy pack heats up in the oven and is ready to serve crispy, oozing goodness in no time.

Base Culture Sweet Banana Bread

A dessert that stands the test of time

Base Culture's cheerful banana bread might be gluten free and dairy free, but it still feels indulgent. Warm it up in the oven and serve with vanilla ice cream—this is the unofficial ruler of pandemic baking, minus the messy kitchen.

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