Relax: Arby's Fan-Favorite Curly Fries Aren't Going Anywhere

They're just getting some crinkle-cut companions!

We have good news and good news. First, Arby's has added crinkle-cut fries to its menu, and second, despite rumors to the contrary, the restaurant's beloved curly fries are here to stay.

This week, the meat-forward fast-food chain confirmed that after initial testing in select markets, crinkle-cut fries are now available at locations nationwide.

Arby Curly Fries

In a world where Popeyes had the nerve to discontinue both its Cajun Rice and Green Bean sides, positive menu news is particularly appreciated.

Arbys Crinkle Fries

The crinkle-cut fries, which Arby's describes as "lightly seasoned with fine kosher salt" and having "accordion-style grooves for maximum crispiness" are reportedly a permanent addition to the menu, so you don't have to worry about having your heart broken down the line.

But wait, there's more! The chain is celebrating the launch with a $1 promotion through April.

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Arby's fans are understandably passionate about their fries. In fact, Arby's fries ranked fifth in the LA Times' official French fry power rankings of 2019.

"Always consistent, with their burnt sienna coating and powdered onion and garlic flavor, and always delicious," food columnist Lucas Kwan Peterson wrote of the cherished curlies.

Long live curly fries!

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