When I think of the Fourth of July, family picnics on a hot summer day immediately come to mind. I've come up with the perfect treat to bring to your picnic that's not only refreshing but also sure to be a crowd pleaser. When you're preparing for your picnic, pick out a large ripe watermelon and slice it into pie-shaped pieces. Insert popsicle sticks into the rind of each piece to make it easier to eat and less messy. If you prefer, you can garnish it when you're setting out the picnic, that way the presentation looks better. Make sure to bring feta cheese crumbles and basil to sprinkle on top. This is the perfect treat because the salty feta cheese balances out the sweet watermelon, while the basil provides the perfect hint of flavor. It surely is a unique combination and refreshing treat that your group will love. You can even serve this fun and kid-friendly treat with a side of blueberries for the patriotic red, white and blue effect! While this is the perfect holiday sweet treat, it also goes great with any summertime picnic! What are you favorite Fourth of July desserts?

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