Don’t let the neighbors outdo you, Lisa! 
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Without a doubt, the most popular appetizer that people serve at home is a charcuterie board. And the thing about a charcuterie board is, everyone thinks that theirs is the most beautiful thing to grace our Facebook feed since Kate Middleton walked down the aisle, even if it is just an unpacked Lunchable on a dish. Hey, it's the effort that counts! 

Anyone attempting to upgrade the presentation of their charcuterie board at home to look straight out of one of the South's best restaurants can do so with a couple small tweaks, like putting a few dollops of pepper jelly or apricot preserves atop the goat cheese. But hands down, the easiest component you can add to your charcuterie plate to make it look super fancy and complement anything already on the meat-and-cheese lineup is real honeycomb. 

We all know honey pairs well on any cheese plate, but choosing honeycomb instead gives all the sweetness of regular honey with the bonus of a prettier presentation that doesn't ooze all over the flat charcuterie board, as well as a little bit of texture. We recommend scooping a hearty chunk of honeycomb—we always keep one of Savannah Bee Company's cute boxes of honeycomb in the house—anywhere on your board that needs a little extra life and flavor. The South is full of insanely good honey, and you'll almost always be able to find honeycomb at your local farmers' market, guaranteed. 

Fortify Kitchen & Bar Charcuterie Board in Clayton, GA
Fortify Kitchen & Bar gets its fresh ingredients from area growers and producers.
| Credit: Robbie Caponetto

Sure, mastering the basic components of a charcuterie plate is important, and we can help with that, too. But as all Southern hostesses know, the real magic lies in the details, like a scoop of deliciously sweet honeycomb. Try it and you'll never go back. 

Meat, cheese, crackers, and honey? Enough said. We're heading over for a visit, ASAP.