The 2-Ingredient Appetizer I Bring to Every Party

It's also no-cook and no-effort.

The 2-Ingredient Appetizer I Bring to Every Party_Goat Cheese and Fig Preserves Getty
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You know those friends who somehow manage to show up to every wine night with an elaborate appetizer that looks restaurant-worthy? That friend is never—ever—me. But thanks to my favorite non-recipe recipe in the world, I always arrive with an appetizer and leave with an empty serving platter.

Not only does this appetizer only require two ingredients, but it's also no-cook and no-effort. Hear me out: The two ingredients are goat cheese and fig preserves. I'm not sure how my mom and I first stumbled upon this glorious pairing, but we've been relying on this combo for years, and it hasn't failed us yet. Tangy goat cheese and sweet fig preserves complement each other better than you can imagine. I've convinced die-hard goat cheese-haters to try out this appetizer, and even they loved it. I'm not exaggerating when I say it gets high praises at every gathering it attends. If you think goat cheese is too strong or tart, don't worry—the fig preserves cut right through its intense flavor.

There are several serving options for this appetizer depending on your preferences and which serving pieces you want to use. You can keep the goat cheese and fig preserves separate so that guests can add as much of each as they please. If I go this route, I'll keep the fig preserves in their cute jar and place them next to the goat cheese on a small cheese board, providing a spreader for the cheese and a spoon for the preserves. Or you can go ahead and combine the two in a pretty bowl, with the goat cheese on the bottom and the fig preserves on top. That way, guests get both ingredients with one swipe of a spreader. Feel free to serve this combo with whatever crackers or bread you have on hand. I've served it with toasted baguette slices, classic buttery crackers, and grainy whole-wheat crackers. You've probably got a spare sleeve of Ritz in the pantry, so you'll only have to buy two items for an appetizer that will be the talk of the party.

I have been bringing this appetizer combo to parties for as long as I can remember, and these two ingredients are the magic elixir for a winning dish. I guarantee you and your friends will love this dreamy, creamy combination.

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