22 Fire Pit Ideas To Spark Inspiration

Light up your patio or yard with one of these bright fire pit ideas.

Idea House 2020 Outdoor Firepit
Photo: Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Kendra Surface

Time spent lounging outside is something to be cherished. When the weather is just right, Southerners flock to our porches, patios, lawns, and gardens to soak in the sun and spend time with loved ones. We make the most of our time spent outdoors by crafting outdoor spaces that set the scene for relaxation: comfortable seating, cozy throw pillows, convenient side and coffee tables, and opportunities for shade. One important feature to consider? A fire pit.

With the right set up, you can gather the whole crew around the fire for cozy entertaining, evening lighting, and of course, toasting marshmallows. From subtle, smoky fire basins to bold, flaming centerpieces, here are our best fire pit ideas to light up your outdoor spaces.

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Rustic Metal

Fire Pit
Alison Miksch

Stick to a natural color scheme filled with earth tones when setting up a mid-yard fire pit so as not to disrupt the space. Here, the patinated pit suits flush ferns and greenery surrounded by simple Adirondack chairs.

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Modern Burner

Green and Gravel Yard with Fountain
Hector Sanchez

A fire pit doesn't have to be loaded with fire wood to make an impression. Modern solutions such as electronic fire pits can impress in bold, futuristic shapes like this statuesque, geometric one or a sleek rectangle.

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Rectangular Fire Pit

Mark Schmidt Showcase Home

Laurey W. Glenn

In addition to circular fire pits, rectangular ones are a chic option for any yard or porch. This built-in rectangular pit can go incognito as a coffee table when it's not lit up.

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Carve Out A Gathering Space

Flat Mountain Farm, family by the fire pit
Photography by Brian Woodcock; Styling by Natalie Warady

If you're working with an underused, empty space on your property, a fire pit has the power to transform it into a hub. Make use of the space by installing a fire pit and spending many evenings around the fire with family.

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Statement Piece

Backyard Fire Pit with Adirondack Chairs
Alison Gootee; Styling: Jennifer Berno DeCleene

Usually, a fire pit will be in the center of a space with seating surrounding it. Make the focal point of your room a true star with a fire pit worthy of being the center of attention like this one with an imposing rim and stately figure.

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True Pit

Fire Pit
Photo: Roger Davies

A fire pit can also be taken very literally. Construct a no-frills whole in the ground to fill with fire wood like this Texas family did.

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Creative Seating

Cabin Rental Wimberley Texas
Courtesy of Airbnb

Surround your fire pit by Adirondack chairs, upholstered seating, or think outside the box like these homeowners who used large rocks as a creative seating alternative for their cabin-side fire pit.

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Fire Pit With A View

Blue Ridge, Georgia
Courtesy of Georgia Department of Economic Development

Rather than organizing a circle of chairs around your fire pit, open up the arrangement to frame your view. This way, you can get cozy by the fire and enjoy an unhindered view of your surroundings.

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Cocktail Hour Hot Spot

pet friendly hotels Great Oak Manor
Great Oak Manor

Set up the ultimate happy hour hangout with the help of a fire pit. It's a conversation piece to center your gathering and will make outdoor entertaining possible once the whether takes a turn for the colder. All you need now is a good bottle of wine or your favorite bourbon.

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Outdoor Fireplace

Adirondack Chairs Surrounding Outdoor Fireplace in Backyard
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Lydia Pursell

The pit's cousin, an outdoor fireplace is another wonderful option. Choose a pleasing, petite one like shown here or one that stands sky-high.

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Patio Perch

Green Adirondack Chairs on Backyard Patio
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Lydia Pursell

With patio space to spare, a fire pit and assortment of lounge chairs is a stellar choice. Include a side table or two to host refreshments and you're good to go.

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Pretty Pergola

Handcrafted Cedar Pergola
Photo by: Ralph Anderson

A pergola, arbor, gazebo, or trellis all offer sparkling opportunities for a fire pit below. With a set-up like this one, your yard is sure to become the hot spot for many neighborhood gatherings to come.

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Warm For Winter

svetikd/Getty Images

Keep cozy with a fire pit to enjoy the great outdoors even after summer fades. Transform your set-up for any season by moving seating closer to the fire and adding layers of comforting throws to stay warm.

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Outdoor Living Space

Wayne Harbin Outdoor Living Space
Photo: Sigmon Taylor Photography

For excited entertainers, a designated outdoor gathering spot featuring a fire pit will make you everyone's favorite host. As needed, add seating, tables, and carts to host a bar or buffet when guests are on their way.

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Smoky Staple


Fire pits are good for more than sitting around. Have an off-center fire pit to set the mood and ambience of your space b filling your gathering with a subtle, warm smokiness.

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Laid-Back Look

Watkinsville Farmhouse backyard
Rachael Levasseur/Mouve Media SE

Design a stylish hang-out space around the campfire or opt for a simpler approach. This lawn fire pit set-up is easy-going, easy to store away for winter, and prime for stargazing around the fire as day shifts to night.

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Cute Courtyard

Graveled Courtyard
Photo: Van Chaplin

Carve out space to spend time right smack dab in the middle of your garden to admire your hard work there. Decorate the space with cozy seating and a fire pit to encourage comfortable garden-side lounging midst your blooms.

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On The Rocks

Idea House 2020 Outdoor Firepit
Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Kendra Surface

When contemplating materials for your fire pit, stone is a stellar choice like in this lavish fire pit display. Concrete and fire-proof metals will also get the job stylishly done.

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S'mores Central

roasting marshmallows campfire bonefire
Getty Images

If you've got kids—or if you're a kid at heart—, a fire pit is sure to turn into a hub for toasting marshmallows. Prepare by educating the young ones on fire safety and getting all your gear together like sticks or spears for the marshmallows.

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Covered Flames

2021 Idea House bourbon pavilion
Laurey W. Glenn

We love this dreamy fire pit arrangement placed in a charming gazebo that looks out of a fairy tale. Be sure not to have your fire pit in a completely enclosed spot because of the smoke, but a covered patio or gazebo with a fire pit will surely be lovely.

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Below Ground

The Cabin on Coney Island

A fire pit can be bought to stand lawn or patio, or can be built in to the space. This stunning pit opens up the earth so that the flame peaks out at ground level like a shallow well.

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Tropical Oasis

Exterior Back
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

We often associate fire with keeping us warm, but this doesn't have to be the case. A fire pit is sure to go appreciated even in tropical climates like this one. If you live someplace with warmer climates year-round, you will likely be spending more time outside no matter the season. A fire pit might be just the outdoor staple you need.

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