Window to the Soul

Provided by Pella Windows

When the pros want to improve and modernize a home’s style during a renovation, they often look to windows and window covering. However, windows are not there just to look good—they serve a vital purpose. Investing in new, high-quality windows has plenty of concrete benefits.

Benefit 1: More comfortable temperatures

Energy-efficient windows turn your home into a true sanctuary from the elements. They ensure your home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s amazing what happens when there are no drafts in the house.

Benefit 2: Lower bills

When your house isn’t working so hard to cool or heat itself, that translates directly into savings that you’ll be able to see in your energy bill. You might even have a tax credit waiting for you once you upgrade to energy-efficient windows.

Benefit 3: More eco-friendly

Using less energy means your home requires less power from fossil-fuel sources like coal or gas. The Earth will thank you.

Benefit 4: Quieter noise levels

New windows reduce sound from the outdoors, so all you hear is your own playlist. That is, unless you want to hear that babbling brook or the wind whistling through the trees. In which case—open the window!

Benefit 5: Better protection

Your furniture, rugs, drapes and photographs can fade when in direct sunlight. Energy-efficient windows have a coating that blocks out ultraviolet rays, making it like sunscreen for your house, and reducing damage to your belongings.

Benefit 6: Cleaner home

You don’t want to know the pollen, dust and other allergens that are pumping into your home when your windows aren’t 100% secure. Pella windows go through rigorous testing that exceed industry standards and ensure an airtight seal.

Benefit 7: More valuable home

The average homeowner may not know why they love the look of a home—they just know they love it. Windows are often that secret sauce that brings out the best in a home. After all, everything looks better in natural sunlight, and new, clean, modern windows are the best way to let in as much sunshine as possible. The right windows can add to a home’s resale value—or simply increase the home’s value to its owner, which is priceless.

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