Chef Amethyst Ganaway Shares Her Takes on Favorite Southern Summer Dishes 


My family in Charleston, South Carolina, always relied on Duke’s Mayonnaise, the only mayonnaise we have ever used. Our Sunday dinners wouldn't be complete without a Duke’s mayo-based salad like potato, seafood, or tuna macaroni. A dollop of Duke’s added a surprising yet familiar kick to desserts like chocolate or pound cakes. A quick lunch was a fried bologna, tuna, or turkey sandwich (or two) with Duke’s slathered onto soft, pillowy bread. Now, as a chef, my love for Duke’s mayo has continued. 

Moving around the country has often taken me far from my Southern home, but my roots are found again whenever I see Duke’s Mayonnaise on a store shelf. It’s a point of pride that I’ve converted many home cooks and professional chefs over to the Duke’s side, showcasing how flavorful, creamy, and healthy Duke’s is in comparison to other brands, and how the signature twang can be a welcome addition to many dishes. 

The potential uses for Duke’s Mayonnaise are unlimited, so why not make it the main attraction on your table this summer?

With everyone out having a good time for summer vacation, it’s easy to work up an appetite and even easier to run out of recipe ideas for yourself, friends, and family. With Duke’s mayo, you can make a meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even those in-between snacks. 


Start off your morning with a slice of tangy and moist blueberry lemon coffee cake alongside a cup of hot coffee. Looking to keep things savory? Try a quiche filled with your favorite fresh summer vegetables, like asparagus and local tomatoes. Mayonnaise is mostly egg and oil, so it can be used as a substitute for oil or an egg itself in many recipes, as well as adding moisture to dishes that may be prone to drying out. Use 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise for every egg in your recipe, and equal portions of mayonnaise to oil.


Slather some Duke’s Mayonnaise on two slices of bread and lightly heat them in a skillet (mayo side down) to make a toasted turkey or ham sandwich. Take it a step further by making a dip to serve with crackers, carrots, and celery—easy for little ones to grab while running in and outdoors. My rule of thumb is that dips taste better when they’re homemade, and blue cheese dressing happens to be my favorite easy dip to make. Gather up your favorite blue cheese crumbles, some Duke’s Mayonnaise, salt, spices, and a little yogurt or buttermilk, and whisk it all together for a dip you can’t resist.


Everyone knows that Southern spreads aren’t only reserved for Sundays.

Start your meal off with a light salad and a mayo-based dressing of choice. Make your own at home—the mayonnaise just needs to be emulsified (well mixed and incorporated) into any other ingredients you want to add, like Parmesan cheese, spicy chipotle peppers, or sundried tomatoes. For a spin on a traditional salad, try this Grilled Salmon with Mayonnaise Nicoise.

Make your weekly dinners hearty affairs by serving a savory or sweet cornbread. Using mayonnaise in place of the egg makes for a more decadent, yet still light cornbread. 

Classic fried chicken turns out exceptionally juicy when made with Duke’s mayo, as its effect is similar to buttermilk or yogurt. Serve it with a little baked macaroni and cheese along with your favorite vegetable, and you’ll have a full meal in no time! 


We Southerners are very proud of our desserts. Spruce up your favorite pound cake recipe by adding a dollop of mayo during the mixing process in place of oil or butter, or take a Southern classic like coconut cake and crank it up a notch by adding a little Duke’s (the creamy tang of the mayo works perfectly with the nutty coconut). 

If you’re looking for a more traditional take on Southern dessert staples, you can't go wrong with a peach or berry cobbler served warm with ice-cold ice cream, or a chocolate or yellow cake with chocolate icing—both made better with the addition of mayonnaise in place of eggs and oil or butter. 

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