It's completely smudge-proof, according to thousands of enthusiastic reviews.

By Christie Calucchia
August 01, 2019
Credit: Amazon

While a lucky few can sport natural eyebrows that are full and tidy, others need a bit of help creating a stylish arch free of sparse spots. Whether you've accidentally plucked a few more hairs than intended, are attempting to remedy thinning brows, or are hoping to conceal a few graying follicles, there are eyebrow tools at your disposal to get the look you're dreaming of.

Among the many options available, Amazon's best-selling brow gel stands apart from the rest thanks to thousands of glowing reviews, an affordable price point, and a variety of shades fit for most hair colors.

The one-step brow gel from Wunderbrow advertises "perfect brows in under 2 minutes," according to its label. Although that may sound like a lofty promise, the product has the reviews to back it up—8,337 five-star ones to be exact.

"LOVE this product so far! Doesn't come off unless you scrub hard with soap and water or use makeup remover," one Amazon reviewer noted.

In fact, multiple users pointed out the brow gel's ability to stay put despite oily skin and even last overnight. "I have oily skin so to see that the product still stayed on that was amazing," another shopper claimed.

One user even went so far as to cancel a brow tattoo appointment after giving the best-selling eyebrow gel a try. "Saved me $600 and possibly a lifetime of regret," the reviewer wrote.

The vegan, cruelty-free formula is available in blonde, brunette, auburn, black/brown, and jet black. You can get the most out of the product by applying it to clean, dry brows in an upward motion with the included spoolie brush for a naturally fuller look that promises to be waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof.

Although some reviewers indicate it may take a few tries to get the practice down pat, they swear it's worth the extra effort to master the useful makeup tool.

The best part? It's currently available for less than $13 on Amazon. Snag yours to transform your brows in two minutes flat.

Credit: Amazon

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