We all know Southern gals appreciate a good, quality pair of jeans, but have you ever wondered why prices vary for such a universal staple? There are many things to consider when questioning the cost of your beloved jeans. First, there is the material. Denim is a moderately inexpensive fabric made from cotton, and the quality could add years to your pants’ life span. The priciest jeans are made with high-quality cotton, while bargain brands will often use a synthetic mix. Of course, designers usually up the cost if more effort is put into the stitching and distressing process. While cheaper brands aim for more generic fits, their high-priced counterparts strive to make jeans that are more form-fitting. You may have to pay more, but your body will thank you! Lastly, expensive pants are normally coupled with ethical manufacturing. Large price tags signify companies are hiring qualified employees at a fair wage. So, when you pay big bucks for a great pair of jeans, just remember you’re celebrating good work.

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