Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Laura Poole, owner of the fabulous clothing boutique Capitol in Charlotte, has impeccable taste. Her superbly curated store brims with luxury labels (think Dries Van Norten and Balenciaga) and has garnered national attention. Even (gasp!) in New York and L.A. where fashionistas can't stop buzzing about this gorgeous shop that brings the best of Paris, Milan and more to North Carolina.

(For the record, it is a surprise to no one who actually lives in the South that gals down here are in the market for high-fashion.) Given her style status, we were dying to find out what Laura considers the must-have for every Southern woman. Her answer: personalized stationery.

Laura's go-to source for paper goods is Charlotte-based Arzberger Stationers. "They are one of the oldest engravers in the country and their work is simply amazing," says Laura. Also simply amazing--the chic design of Laura's stationery. The ivory notecard and envelope (below) features a bold punch of neon green and a cheery four-leaf clover. The perfect mix of fun and refined, just like Laura herself.


Looking for more style cues from the impeccable Laura Poole? Check-out the below list for her best tips and fashion sources:

Most style you can get for Under $25: Aquaphor—my go-to for dry skin and chapped lips. Nothing is more stylish than great skin.

Photo by Ralph Andersonstrongbr //strong

Vanity is always stocked with: Arancia di Capri perfume—citrusy with a touch of floral.

Photo by Ralph Anderson

Best shopping advice: Don't obsess over sizes! Every designer cuts differently, and often going up a size is more flattering than being set on a certain smaller one.

Favorite splurge: A tailored black blazer. It will last forever, and you can spot an imposter a mile away.

Rex Blazer; Photo courtesy of Elizabeth & James

Pinch your pennies on: Jeans. The trends change quickly, so I stick to classic silhouettes. I'm a fan of J. Crew denim.

Trouser Jean; Photo courtesy of

Love to collect: Black-and-white photographs from Virginian Sally Mann.

Photo by Ralph Anderson

Secret style source: Old snapshots of my mother. She has always been chic with matching shoes, handbag, and lipstick. The utter antithesis of me!

Photograph from Laura's mother's wedding day!; Photo by Ralph Anderson

Photograph from Laura's mother's wedding day!;

Must-have for fall: A pair of heels from Lanvin, one of my favorite designers.

Photo by Ralph Anderson

Capitol is located at 4010 Sharon Road, Charlotte. (704) 366-0388.