And it's only $15.

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Panama Wide Brim
Credit: Amazon

If you're anything like me, it's hard to justify spending a whole lot of money on accessories that you'll only wear a few times in a season. So while I've long had my eye on this dreamy Scarlett O'Hara-Goes-To-Palm-Beach stunner, I just can't pull the trigger. Straw hats, like breezy sarongs, are something I'll only wear when I'm at the beach or on the lake, which unfortunately only comprises a week or so of my summer. But with a beach weekend on the horizon and no hat to hide under, I took to Amazon to find something that was cute, inexpensive, and would protect my face from my oft-inevitable sunburn.

I filtered my search to women's hats that were under $25 with an average user review of 4 or more stars. With over 9,000 results, I thought I'd have to do some serious scrolling, but the first option that popped up was the Panama-esque style I was looking for, so I went in for a deeper dive.

According to the product description, Lanzom's wide-brim straw hat offers UPF 30+ sun protection, can be tightened to better fit your head with an adjustable rope cord that wraps the inside of the hat, and is foldable, so you can throw it in your suitcase or beach bag, worry-free.

Of course, whenever you're shopping online, you can't take the product description and provided photos at face value, so I scrolled down to the real gold-mine of information: Customer reviews.

Nearly 350 buyers gave the hat five-stars and glowing reviews like this one: "I LOVE THIS HAT. I'm not a hat person and this hat is perfect! It held up during packing, toting, and wearing on a cruise and was even dunked in salt water and still looks the same."

The hat's biggest fans loved that the brim was just wide enough to keep their faces and necks out of the sun, but small enough that it still felt structured and not floppy. They also noted that the hat was durable enough to take a beating through watersports and long trips and fit their heads well once they'd adjusted the inner tie.

Customer photos, too, proved especially helpful, as they showed how the hat actually fits. Turns out, the hat looks even cuter on than it does in the product photos. Check!

While the hat has its naysayers—those who complained their hats creased, were too small for their heads, or weren't the very best quality (hey! It's only $15)—80% of reviewers awarded the hat 4 or 5 stars, and that's good enough for me.

(Miss the link up top? Buy the hat here.)

Think I'll be adding the khaki one to my cart and throwing it in my beach bag later this summer. Hat head, here I come.

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