Like souped-up slippers with extra support.
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People joke that you know you’re an adult when you start wearing slippers around the house and then later when you start asking for a new cozy pair with a sturdy sole every Christmas to replace the pair you’ve worn out from wearing every day, lest your bare foot touch the chilly ground in the kitchen. But in reality, we’re not all slipper people. It might be that some of us think that slippers are too much of a hassle or make it too easy to stumble with your bowl of ice cream. To each their own.

So instead of slippers, others keep it simple and just keep on the socks they’ve worn all summer long, risking the stench and sweat, which is another very fine suggestion. And yet another sector of perfectly functioning adults don’t like to choose at all. Those people are buying Amazon’s best-selling sock-shoes.

With over 2,000 reviews, this conundrum of footwear, known as FitKicks, is basically a pair of super durable socks made from water-resistant athletic material, and they give you all the slip-on comfort of wearing socks around your house, but with extra support and grip to ensure you don’t slip or injure yourself. In theory, thanks to a sturdy rubber sole, they can also be just as useful for those pursuing active ventures like yoga and kayaking as they are for when lounging about the house, ice cream bowl in hand.

Credit: Courtesy FitKicks

One reviewer raves, “I have four pair already and have my eye on another pair…I don’t like wearing shoes I’ve worn outside the house inside the home. These can be easily washed, so they are perfect.” Another shopper on her fourth pair says, “They’re addicting!” Proceed with caution, folks.

Coming in sixteen different colors and patterns, as well as sizes small to extra large, FitKicks seem to have something for everyone, and reviewers note that the sock shoes run generally true to size. If you’re someone who hates being barefoot at home but also wants something practical that doesn’t track around dirt and grime from the outside, these might be the answer to silence all slipper shamers. (TO SHOP: $19.99;

If athleisure is all the rage right now, these sock shoes are basically just the cherry on top of the comfy-living sundae. Did someone say ice cream?