We almost hate to call it a trend.
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Tweed Trend Annie from The Parent Trap
Credit: imdb.com

For better or for worse, fall fashion trends come and go as seasons pass. While, admittedly, some (truly horror inducing) trends are better off existing in the rearview mirror of our "On This Day" Facebook posts (looking at you, Juicy Couture tracksuits), there exists a small group of trends that have surpassed the realm of fast fashion into the omnipotent classics we joyfully weave into our wardrobes each fall—and even sneak them into our off-season wardrobes from time to time. The one fall "trend"—dare we call it—that we simply refuse to give up on? Tweed.

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By simple word association, images à la Coco Chanel and Annie from The Parent Trap may enter your mind upon hearing the word "tweed"—in other words: far too chic for this time. But we'll bet you our mama's string of pearls that this classic trend is still very much alive and well. In the wake of the rise of matching separates, tweed is no longer reserved solely for your grandmother's Chanel skirt suit she loves to sport to church on Sunday (although she always does look chic, doesn't she?). Thankfully, one mustn't dish out a check the size of a transmission repair to achieve the covetable Coco effect. Back in full force this fall, we're not only stealing style points from Nana's effortless use of tweed, but incorporating the fabric into every contemporary trend we can get our hands on: from jumpers, to sneakers, to pretty block heel pumps, to crossbody bags—and oh yes, skirt suits.

In alignment with sister classics that only seem to get better every season, all this trend needs is a little subtle tweaking here and there to stay as current as ever. Right up there with our signature shade of red polish that's ever-present but always evolving, we expect to see this trend take on legs of its own for years to come. Don't worry, y'all—this is one fashion trend that can stand the test of time with the best of them.