We’ll take it in 5 colors, please and thanks.
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Amazon T Shirt dress
Credit: Amazon

We’ve welcomed back the housedress with open arms, called this summer the season of the caftan, and have essentially tucked away all things clingy and Lycra until cool weather decides to show its face again. And based on what reviewers are saying about this MOLERANI Women’s Casual Plain Simple T-Shirt Loose Dress on Amazon, we aren’t the only ones desperate to avoid restrictive clothes with no wiggle room.

With more than 2,100 5-star reviews, this Amazon-favorite casual T-shirt dress comes in nearly 30 patterns and colors, from on-trend tie dye for summer to a classic olive green for fall. Reviewers note that it’s super soft without being clingy and that the fit is loose without taking its aesthetic cues from a potato sack. Check and check. (BUY IT: $27; amazon.com)

In short, it’s the ideal dress for warm weather. Says one reviewer: “It is so perfect for the summer, and let me tell you. Here in south, south Texas it is hotter than a chicharron frying in oil!!”

Lest you doubt its versatility…

One reviewer bought the dress for a trip to Israel (“I needed something light and breezy, but modest enough to cover my shoulders for visiting churches.”); at least two reviewers bought it in black for a funeral (“I really wanted something modest and not too flashy [for obvious reasons]. This dress was the perfect cut and style.” And another bought it as a comfortable recovery outfit: “I recently had back surgery and wanted something easy to put on. This is easy to put on. However, I plan to save it for wearing out in public because it looks nice on me!” Our post-op fashionista also said she’d buy other pieces from the brand after her success with this one.

Reviewers had good experiences with customer service reps too. After one woman’s dress arrived with a small hole in it, she had this to say: “THE COMPANY'S CUSTOMER SERVICE IS INCREDIBLE! THEY ARE so nice and caring and considerate and they did not hesitate at all to contact me and to right their wrongs. They were also very patient. I'm very satisfied!” All caps for positive feedback? We’re listening.

There is one downside: It doesn’t have pockets. But hey, we all have our flaws. Buy your new favorite dress here, then do like all those 5-star reviewers and order it in a few more colors. When on Amazon.

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