Don’t get us wrong – we’re thankful every girl in the South has her own signature Southern style. But, once you’ve lived through your fair share of football seasons and intense heat waves, there are a few wardrobe essentials every Southern woman realizes she needs to have on hand. We’re not saying there’s such a thing as a Southern uniform, but we are willing to place a bet on a few Southern staples we know are hanging in your closet.

Color, Color Everywhere

From floral patterns to pastel prints, we can’t help it. Not only do happy colors put a pep in our step, but it’s warm enough most of the year to pull them off almost every day.

Go-To Sundress

Last minute summer potluck in the neighborhood? Need to get dressed for church in a hurry? We all have that one go-to shift we can count on, no matter how hot it is out there.

More Coats Than are Actually Necessary

Even though you know that it may only get below freezing a bunch of times during the winter season, it always seems like a good idea to stock up on a new stylish jacket each year.

A Pair of Pearl Studs

Whether passed down or given to you on a meaningful occasion, nothing completes an outfit quite like a pair of pearl studs.

Gameday Gear

You can’t darn well call on the dawgs in anything less than the perfect black and red sundress.

An Old School Sorority T-Shirt

Some of us have a drawer full, others have just one faded favorite. Either way, these t-shirts are treasures chock-full of memories. You can’t expect us to throw them out.

Monogramed Everything

As Reese Witherspoon says, “If it’s not moving, monogram it.” Because monogramming is a way of life, we bet you’ve made your mark on a tote or two….or three.

A Pair of Denim Cutoffs

It gets hot, y’all. How else are we supposed to spend a weekend at the lake?

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A Solid (and Pretty) Pair of Rain Boots

Because summer storms are a real thing, and it’s nearly impossible to survive football season without a good pair of boots on hand.