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Pearls are a forever classic, and we treasure every strand down here. Bow ties always look debonair á la James Bond, but Southern men can wear them in every color and pattern under the sun for a little extra flair. These two essentials are the epitome of traditional style and Southern taste—accessories that will never let you down. Our taste might seem archaic to some, but we won't apologize for it. Classic always comes back. (Those skinny neck ties on the other hand...)
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Don't get us wrong – we're thankful every girl in the South has her own signature Southern style. But, once you've lived through your fair share of football seasons and intense heat waves, there are a few wardrobe essentials every Southern woman realizes she needs to have on hand. We're not saying there's such a thing as a Southern uniform, but we are willing to place a bet on a few Southern staples we know are hanging in your closet.

Color, Color Everywhere

From floral patterns to pastel prints, we can't help it. Not only do happy colors put a pep in our step, but it's warm enough most of the year to pull them off almost every day.

Go-To Sundress

Last minute summer potluck in the neighborhood? Need to get dressed for church in a hurry? We all have that one go-to shift we can count on, no matter how hot it is out there.

More Coats Than are Actually Necessary

Even though you know that it may only get below freezing a bunch of times during the winter season, it always seems like a good idea to stock up on a new stylish jacket each year.

A Pair of Pearl Studs

Whether passed down or given to you on a meaningful occasion, nothing completes an outfit quite like a pair of pearl studs.

Gameday Gear

You can't darn well call on the dawgs in anything less than the perfect black and red sundress.

An Old School Sorority T-Shirt

Some of us have a drawer full, others have just one faded favorite. Either way, these t-shirts are treasures chock-full of memories. You can't expect us to throw them out.

Monogramed Everything

As Reese Witherspoon says, "If it's not moving, monogram it." Because monogramming is a way of life, we bet you've made your mark on a tote or two….or three.

A Pair of Denim Cutoffs

It gets hot, y'all. How else are we supposed to spend a weekend at the lake?

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A Solid (and Pretty) Pair of Rain Boots

Because summer storms are a real thing, and it's nearly impossible to survive football season without a good pair of boots on hand.