Things are bright, beautiful, and fun down in Charleston

Skinny Dip Charleston
Credit: Instagram @skinnydipcharleston

The Northern invaders are coming—and they're wearing seersucker. The latest addition to Charleston's King Street shops is Skinny Dip, a two-story building filled with classic clothing with a preppy twist and a nautical bent. They are the ideal outfitter whether you're looking for something to wear while eating oysters at Bowens Island Restaurant or sipping a gin-and-tonic on the beaches of Cape Cod. It makes perfect sense, though, as Skinny Dip is a transplant from New England's favorite island resort, Nantucket.

"Charleston, like Nantucket, is an incredibly welcoming and supportive community," co-owner Taylor Ivey told Town & Country. She and Sara Rossi founded the Nantucket shop in 2016 as a way to showcase their own fashion brands, Beau & Ro Bag Company and Ellsworth and Ivey, along with like-minded preppy chic companies. Their shop in Charleston offers a carefully curated collection of brands like the classic golf couture from Holderness & Bourne, the monogram ready clothes of Sail to Sable, New England's rising fashion star Harding Lane, and much more.

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Skinny Dip is making themselves right at home in the community, by dedicating some of their 4,000 square feet to local designers. "We wanted to create a space to support the local fashion community," explained Ivey. "Charleston is filled with talented and exciting designers."

Southerners will find a lot to love in the new store, which extends from the clothing on the racks that line the shop to an outpost of local favorite Rudi's Caffe e Vino, and a sweet little spot on the back patio where visitors can sip grapefruit-flavored frozen rosé. Seems like Nantucket transplants will fit right in with Charlestonians—as soon as we get them sipping sweet tea, that is.