This Roll-Up Sun Visor is the Only Hat I'll be Wearing This Summer

Say hello to fashionable sun protection.

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Amazon, Roll Up Sun Visor

I'll be the first to admit that I did not always lather up with sunscreen before a day out in the sun. I used to believe in the "burn once then tan the rest of summer" method.

Now my naïve days without sun protection are far behind me. I won't even leave the house without a mineral sunscreen on my face.

So as it goes, I was on the hunt for a cute sun hat that would protect me while still being stylish this summer. Thankfully, my search was not in vain.

My friend and I were lounging by the pool one day, and she reached into her bag to pull out a rolled-up hat. She has always been the more cautious one when it comes to sun protection, but I had my suspicions about this hat. How cute could a rolled-up sun visor look?

The answer is very cute. Some might even say fabulous. She unrolled it, fastened it on her head, and looked as if she was ready for afternoon tea at the country club.

The wide brim shaded her face in the front and tapered to a bow in the back, making it comfortable to lay down without crumpling the hat.

And the best part of all (in my opinion) was that she could still throw her hair up in a messy bun. No more wet braids or low ponytails sticking to your neck.

Amazon, Roll Up Sun Visor

BUY IT: $22.99;

I'm not lying when I say that I have never been so excited over a sun hat. And plenty of people agree with me because it's the best-selling women's visor on Amazon.

With 14 colors to choose from, you could buy a hat to match every bathing suit you own.

It also stays on my head better than other sun hats I've had in the past because of the adjustable closure. So the days of holding onto your hat during a windy stroll down the beach or on a boat ride are over.

And when you're done wearing it for the day, roll it up, and keep it in your beach bag until next time. Sun protection that's practical and fashionable? I'll take that any day.

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