These Stores Reward Customers for Recycling Old Jeans

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to part with a whole pile of dust-covered denim.

The end of the coronavirus pandemic will mean different things for all of us. At the very least, emerging from isolation following a year spent in pajama pants will involve some sort of wardrobe reckoning—the rediscovery of "hard pants."

This reintroduction to jeans won't be easy. Softer waistlines, altered lifestyles, and the arrival of warm weather all point to an impending pants purge.

Knowing that we might need a little extra encouragement going into spring cleaning this year, Today highlighted some companies that offer rewards for recycling your old jeans.

Pile of Jeans on Chair
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Madewell takes jeans of all brands, shapes, and sizes: "the bootcuts from high school, the baggy ones from your skater days, the bright red skinnies from who knows when." They work with Blue Jeans Go Green to turn that sad, old denim into housing insulation for communities in need. Plus, they'll give you $20 off a new Madewell pair in return!

Levi's and Zappos have also partnered with Blue Jeans Go Green to repurpose denim into housing insulation. In exchange for your old jeans, Levi's will give you 20% off a single item. You can also recycle denim through the mail (for free) via Zappos for Good.

Not only will your closet and wallet thank you, but you're also contributing to an important cause.

Happy recycling, y'all!

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